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Custom New Windows & Doors


Casement Fixed

Fixed Casement windows are designed to look the same as casement windows matching the exterior site-lites.  Fixed Casement windows are very air tight and can assembled with any combination of casement windows.


Standard Features:
• Clear Glass        
• Fusion Welded & Mitred Frame and Sash        
• White colour in/out        
• Internal Drainage    

• Window Colours: White, Cream, Sandstone
• Glass Options: LoE180 with Neat Glass, Argon Gas 

Standard Sizes:
• 18x24 18x28 18x30 18x36 18x42 18x46 18x54 18x60 20x24 20x28 20x30 20x36 20x42 20x46 20x54 20x60 24x36 24x42 24x46 24x54 24x60 28x36 28x42 28x46 28x54 28x60 30x36 30x42 30x46 30x54 30x60 34x42 34X46 34x54 34x60 36x54 36x60 36x72

• 5/8"x1/4" flat bar white

Exterior Colour:
• Cream, SDT

Custom Sizes:

• For Custom sizes not listed above, please contact us by entering your Postal Code below for more information.

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